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Patricia Rozental

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'Born With A Silver Spoon' (4)b

"Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see"

Trudy Symeonakis Vesotsky

'Born With A Silver Spoon'  for web


I paint in watercolour and underpinning the imagery in my work is the idea that familiar, prosaic objects are always fascinating and can evoke something special and extraordinary...


I am fascinated by, and really drawn to common place and old 'stuff', not necessarily antiques but well worn, every day things anyone would recognise; from spoons, other cutlery and household equipment to tools and old oilcans. The tarnish, rust, dents and scratches on a metal, bone or wooden surface are the marks of a life well used, giving the object a form of personality.

I enjoy grouping the objects or placing them in a single line in order to elevate them from a utilitarian purpose to a more decorative state.

I'm not really interested in painting a background, it is the formal quality of each particular subject I'm painting which fascinates me, particularly the reflective ... working from life, I aim to portray each object as a stand alone piece of work, which makes the complete, finished image a collection of homogenous small individual paintings. 


I also like to portray aspects of the landscape, mainly through monotypes

and other print methods.

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