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Monotype of Harebridge on Wendover canal
monotype, tring reservoir, drawimg
monotype, canal towpath, Mansion Hill, Wendover
Monotype, Etrching ink, drawing,
Monotype, etching ink drawing, wendover canal
Monotype, Etching ink drawing, wendover, canal towpath
Monotype, Etching ink drawing, canal wendover
Monotype, Etching ink drawing, woodland
Monotype, Etching ink drawing, Wendover canal

All images copyrighted © 2024 Patricia Rozental

Patricia Rozental

pylon, mixed media energy
pylon, energy, mixed media
Gasometer, energy, mixed media
Gasometer, energy, mixed media
Gasometer, energy, mixed media
Gasometer, mixed media, energy
Charcoal, drawing, Hodgemore Wods
Hodgemore woods, drawing, charcoal, snow scene
drawing, charcoal, Ronda, Spain
West Pier Brighton | Screen print | Giclee prints available
painting, ink, watercolour, mixed media, Thames, london, moonlight
Watercolour, painting, Venice, landscape, St. Marco
black park, sketchbook, charcoal
charcoal, sketchbook
Etching, monochrome, Pendeli Athens, trees, fire
Etching, aquatint,Pendeli, Greece, Athen, fire
Etching, aquatint, Athens, greece, Fire, forest monochrome
River Arun, wax, graphite, monochrome
Bluebells, Hodgemoor Woods, crayon, sketchbook  small
Graphite drawing, Church
Graphite, drawing, All Saints church
graphite drawing, church, St.Mary the Virgin
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