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Patricia Rozental

Organised by Sparksartists,the altered book is an art form in which artists recycle or transform existing books into new works of art.

I was given a book entitled 'The Tenko Club'.

I was inspired by the 1970's TV programme and the drawings of Tenko - the morning roll call in the Japanese POW camps - by internee Betty Jeffrey. I created a little camp on the book, surrounded by a circle of brave strong women, with a washing line full of clothes, teapot and cups etc cut out from the book's cover. Burning the books edges represents the war raging outside.

I wanted to show the protective, nurturing care of women in war zones of the past, presant and no doubt the future.


The piece was SOLD

The Tenko Club

All images copyrighted © 2019 Patricia Rozental

tenko club 1
tenko club 5
tenko club 2
tenko club 3


For this exhibition we were given redundant academic books from Christchurch, Oxford Library to alter and make into works of art.

My book was Shakespeare Survey 46 Ed Stanley Wells

I chose to focus on the chapter - Catastrophe is a Nuptial...


'This chapter inspired me to think about Shakespeare's Tragic Heroines such as Desdemona, Hermione, Imogen etc. who died by the hands or actions of unreasonable husbands. They are represented lying on the Nuptial Bed, which stands like a mausoleum. The bed is also a reference to the second best bed which Shakespeare left to his wife, Anne Hathaway'

Ex Libris: Latin - out of the books or library

Catastrophe is a Nuptial 2
Catastrophe is a nuptial 3
catastrophe is a Nuptial 1
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